Third Berliner Klimatag on April 2017 (English version)

We need more climate protection! And you want to join?
It is happening on Sunday, 23rd April 2017 from 12 pm to 7 pm!
The Berliner Klimatag (Berlin’s climate day) invites everyone in relaxing atmosphere to get informed, to discover and to experience.

We have chosen the legendary RAW area in the heart of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg for the third Berliner Klimatag. More precise, the Urban Spree Gallery with its light-flooded exhibition area, workshop area, cinema saloon and its beautiful garden area for food, drinks and relaxation.

Climate change – climate protection – living climate friendly, these are our topics.

We learn and marvel in workshops, movies, with exhibitors and presentations about the many possibilities to protect our climate with own measurements, but also about dangers and risks of the progressing climate change.

Next to energy, nutrition and consumption, we will particular focus on urban mobility. How do we get from A to B in Berlin in the future?

Already today, chasing bicycle messengers replace car delivery services, electric cars drive through Berlin and carsharing stations are spread over the city centre. Nevertheless, cars and lorries produce daily new traffic jams and no one progresses. But also the trams, the busses and the subways are overloaded. Shall it go on like this? Alternative and new ideas from scrap can be gazed at the climate day.

It is also looked after for the very small guests. Crafting, playing, guessing, drawing and sawing – the offer is big!

Last but not least: Whom it also prey on your mind and wants to become active, is welcome to help in the organisation of the Berliner Klimatag. Write us.
You can find a list of our exhibitors 2017 here.